Catriona McKay and Chris Stout

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It's hard to believe there's only two people on stage as Catriona McKay and Chris Stout weave their way between glorious soundscapes and music of breathtaking simplicity.

Chris and Catriona have taken these most traditional of instruments and catapulted them into the contemporary world of music making.

They have excited audiences all over the world with their own unique brand of music inspired by the traditions of their native Shetland and Dundee.

However, this music knows no boundaries. They have performed, recorded and collaborated with musicians from Japan to Brazil, Alaska to Australia. The duo have performed on the biggest stages with Symphony Orchestras such as The Trondheim Symphony and the Russian Philharmonic.

"Clear and strong…always a startling freshness and spontaneity at work…virtuosic and physically engaging." ★★★★★ - The Glasgow Herald



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Suitability Rated: G

Presented by: Strut & Fret Production House